What Should You Ask a Pool Fence Inspector?

You don’t have to request an inspector to inspect your pool or its fence because it’s not necessary. But not doing it will cause a lot of troubles in the long. Let alone the maintenance, and you will not be able to let your kids play in and around the pool because you fear their safety.

What’s the point of having a pool if you can’t enjoy it as you want? This is one of the main reasons you should think more about pool fence inspection than you think. Ensuring that your pool fence meets the regulations will ease your heart. Thus, you will let your kids enjoy.

Apart from that, pool inspection detects the problems in your pool. Early detection means you don’t have to spend a lot to get it repaired. This is why you must consider pool inspection. So now that you’ve decided to consider pool inspection, here are the things that you should ask.

What is included in their inspection?

Different pool inspectors have other elements included in their package. Some limit their inspection to interior and pool safety, so they will not inspect anything beyond that. But their charges might be higher than an inspector who covers more elements.

This is why before you let an inspector inspect your pool, you must ask what his package includes. Ask for the areas that he’s going to cover. Make sure to ask whether he’d check your yard as well so that he can assure you that roof gutters won’t ruin your pool water.

Likewise, there are different elements included in inspections, so make sure to ask about them. Or you can learn more about pool fence regulations to increase your knowledge before you let an inspector inspect your pool and its fence. 

What are the other projects they’ve completed?

In other words, you have to ask about their experience. Pool inspection isn’t a petty task that anybody can do. Instead, it is one area requiring education, experience, and skills to do a perfect job. When you’re hiring a pool inspector to get your work done, you must make sure that he’s qualified to do the job.

Sometimes some service providers claim that they have the experience, and when you ask for referrals, they become speechless.

There will be scams when an industry is booming. Therefore, you have to be careful when you hire a service provider to meet your demand.

So, before you sign the deal, talk to the inspector and ask about other projects that he’s completed. It’s even better if he provides referrals so that you can speak to given referrals and ensure that it’s true.

What are the charges?

Like we mentioned earlier, different service providers charge different rates. Some might cover a lot of elements in pool inspection and charge reasonably. Some others might cover a few elements and charge high.

This is why you should have a few options shortlisted before narrowing down your choices to one. When narrowing down your list, make sure to ask their charges, so you’ll be able to decide whether to proceed with the choice or not.

So, you ask these questions before you hire a pool fence inspector so that it’ll provide some insights on their service.

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