What Does A Home Inspector Do?

Home inspection is a very lucrative industry because of its high demand. If you’re thinking about getting a property inspected, you should know what exactly you’re getting yourself into. Below, we’ll be diving into this, so keep reading.

Wood Work

When the inspector enters your home, you can expect him to thoroughly examine all the woodwork in your home. This is especially important since the majority of homes have wooden floors. With this inspection underway, they can tell you if there’s anything wrong with the wood, especially if there are pests like termites eating away at it. If this is the case, you would be referred to a specialist- most likely an exterminator.

This isn’t the case just for flooring, but other structural components of your home made from the material, such as pillars and ceilings. Through wood inspection, they can identify if any mold is growing in the home. However, they don’t just check for mold through wood work.

Sewer Systems

In most of cases, home inspectors are willing to evaluate the sewage system running through your property. This makes sure everything is running smoothly, and accordingly to any local land law. However, this isn’t always the case.

As mentioned, home inspectors only examine sewer systems in “most of the cases”. Sometimes, they don’t do the job. So, you’ll have to speak to the inspection company you’re interested in, asking them if they conduct such tasks.

If they don’t, you may have to find one that does or ask for a specialist. Unfortunately, inspectors who are specialized in sewage inspection costs more than their general counterpart. So, keep that in mind.

Interior Components Of The Home

Your inspector would be able to assess components of the home you wouldn’t be able to see. Most notably, this includes electrical work and plumbing.

They would be able to find wiring that is dated or faulty. In the long run, this is very beneficial as faulty wiring can be very dangerous, especially if you have kids around. Moreover, this electrical work also extends to monitoring any electrical appliance you have in the home.

In terms of the plumbing, they inspect faults in it and if your home’s plumbing is according to local laws.

The foundation of the vicinity is also evaluated. If it’s not-so-good, your house could come crumbling down.

Thus, this is the most important aspect of an inspector’s job. Thankfully for you, building inspections adelaide hills are known to get this job done perfectly.


The inspector can go through your yard, looking to see if anything is wrong with the greenery in it. This is especially true for the soil quality in the area. If it is bad, you may have to get it replaced, or get an expert to see what is causing the bad quality.

If the soil isn’t the best, not only would it affect your ability to grow stuff, but also your home’s structural abilities. This is as it might affect the foundation, causing it to slide away.

As you can see, the job an inspector does is in depth and vital to a home’s health.

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