Ways to Add A Rustic Feel to A Building

The rustic feel of a place is the natural warmth that is brought on by emphasis on the earthy colours and natural aspects. This is often a style much loved by people who prefer this over the more modernized look and feel. The good thing about rustic styling is that it preserves the natural look of a place only enhancing the good qualities of a place. The rustic style is now becoming increasingly popular and people incorporate it into their homes, fashion, and cafes etc. This rustic look and feel is quite the hit on social media, especially for photographs as it sets a very serene tone to the pictures. If you are a lover of the old fashion ways and appreciate natural beauty then the rustic style is one that is ideally suited for you. You could add it to your home or even your business, this adds a sense of natural ambiance which is quite soothing. Here are a few ways on how you can also include the rustic feel in your home or workplace.

Framed Shelving and Signs

The best thing about the rustic d├ęcor is that it is super simple to do and cheaper. For most of your decorations, you could simply do it yourself and for the rest you could use things around the house. Rather than spending heaps on fancy shelving that will cost you a fortune to buy and another fortune to install, you could simply reuse an old picture frame and put up some shelves. This can really look quite stylish and saves you a lot of money in the process. Another interesting thing you could do is have fun signs in your home rather than elaborate paintings. You could have gold leaf signs with things you want written on them to really take the whole rustic look to another level.


Wine Holders

There is something about wine that has a whole old rustic feel to it. Take that feeling and add it to make a wine holder from a wooden ladder perhaps. You could easily turn it into a wine holder rather than purchasing an expensive one, this will stick with the theme of your home and give it the old feel.


Play with The Lighting

You no longer need to have extravagant sophisticated looking lights to give your home a nice rustic feel. You could take those Christmas lights and decorate your home. Do it so in a manner that gives ample lighting to your home but leaves it feeling old fashioned. Try not to use white rights and choose warmer colours.


If your home has curtains, and they are quite modern looking, change them over to warmer neutral colours to mix well with the rustic theme of your home. Colours such as pale brown or bright can be ideal. But you should be careful not to get too dark colours as this will potentially make the whole house look or seem to look really dark and we most certainly do not want that.



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