Ways to Achieve a Spa-Like Bathroom

With all those busy schedules and hectic lifestyle, almost everyone wants a space where they could relax and unwind after a long day. Spa-like bathrooms are in nowadays because you can definitely relax and enjoy a peaceful time after a long day. If you’re curious on how to capture this look in your bathroom, here are a few ways to create a relaxing, spa-like space in your home.

Choose Natural Tones and Elements

If you’re aiming for a spa bathroom, one of the essential factors to keep in mind is to choose earth tones and natural-looking elements. Earth tones are neutral and easily blend in with other colours. You can choose from a wide range of tones such as browns, greens and wood tones. Remember to pick lighter variants of these colours because darker ones can make a space look unappealing. Don’t forget to opt for natural materials such as granite, stone or wood for the bathroom accents. It adds depth to your decor while transforming your bathroom into something more relaxing.

Add a Few Candles

Candles are essential in creating a spa-like bathroom. Place some shelving around that would serve as a platform for these candles. Spa candles come in different shapes and sizes – it wouldn’t hurt if you try to be creative in your choices. Aromatherapy candles are perfect because of the additional relaxing scent they give off in your bathroom. Be sure to place the candles away from fire hazards such as curtains and towels to be safe.

Try Different Storage Options

Having adequate storage in your bathroom maintains an organized and fresh look. For a spa-like bathroom, try hanging or open storage options. Store rolled towels in a hanging rack or an open shelf that is easily accessible from the bath or shower. Installing a natural-looking bathroom vanity is also a great way to add some extra storage. Aside from having a place where you can get ready for the day, you can also store toiletries and other bathroom essentials in a vanity. Shop with the best in Melbourne to be assured of quality, durability and style that suits your preferences.

Add Some Plants

Plants can instantly add a relaxing feel to almost any area and bathrooms are not an exemption to this. Add a few pieces of potted plants on empty corners of your bathroom. You may also use smaller plants and place them over countertops, the sink or on shelves. For smaller bathrooms, hanging plants are a perfect choice to save up in space while still creating that natural, spa-like bathroom. Plants are very versatile and they can look good in almost any type of colour scheme or theme. Having a nearby plant in your bathroom also gives you something to focus on while you soak in a bath or take a shower.

A spa-like bathroom is definitely achievable by trying out these few tips. There’s no need to break the bank for a full bathroom remodel; just keep those simple tips in mind for a budget-friendly spa bathroom.

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