Tips to Expand Your Home Without Having to Worry About Moving Out

If you love your home but have been forced to look for bigger houses due to spatial reasons, but prefer to stay in your household, don’t worry. Read ahead for some tips that may help solve your problem.


Your first step would be to figure out where you could start your extension from, whether it is from your back yard, or attic or garage. You need to asses that your old structure will not be damaged by the structure of your new extension. This process will need careful planning and observation. It would help to contact an architect that could guide you with the right information.


Your second step would be to get in touch with a specialist for home extensions sydney, It would help if your architect and specialist coordinate with each other so that your home would be able to still look good from the outside.

Considering Your Options

Once you have contacted your architect and extension specialist, you need to check out your options. You need to think whether you would you want an on-site construction, which would require builders to build from your home. Another option available to you would be to check out the benefits of off-site construction. Cross laminated timber, timber frame, oak frame, and structural insulated panels are usually the systems that work best for projects that involve extending houses. The off site constructions will happen outside of your home in a factory, once they are done. They will be able to deliver the required pieces to your home, which will then be ready to be installed into your home that would be handled by your builder. The option of off-site construction saves you money and time.

Ensure That You Follow Building Regulations

All your efforts of planning would go to waste if you do not get your building regulation approval. It is very important to follow their regulations as then you will be able to ensure that your building is safe. You will be able to cover the safety for structural integrity, fire safety, energy efficiency, damp proofing and ventilation to name a few.

If you are looking to extend your kitchen, bedroom or lounge etc. you will need to adhere to the building regulations. If you are looking for more space and you think removing a wall would help you with that, please do follow the building regulations. Furthermore, installing new baths and showers which would enable you to look into new drainage systems or waste plumbing, Is a must to follow building rigs. Other work that would need approval would be, installing new heating appliances, newly built chimneys, and alternative openings for your windows around the house.


The location of your house plays a key role in determining how many rules you would have to follow. It is very strict around conservation areas; therefore, you will have to be alert of certain step backs that could occur due to external influences.

Consider Using Solar Power

Creating extensions to your home could affect your home hot water systems. Although creating extensions are cost-effective, it could add to other expense. Installing a solar power unit to generate your home for water and electricity could save you tons of money, which you could use for the betterment of your home.

Use this Information as a basic guide, for more information consult a specialist in the relative field that will be able to help you further.



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