Tips For Creating That Deluxe Living Room You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Whether you chose this theme for a single room, or your entire house, here are a few tips and suggestions for creating that deluxe living room you’ve always wanted.

Drape Your Windows Extravagantly

If your aim is “luxurious”, and when it comes to the living room, the window dressing up is a must. Grand windows with extravagant drapes are one way to go. Choose a styling of draping that suits the theme you have in mind, reminding yourself often that too grand, or too ornate can easily convert your extravagant window, into a kitsch affair. If the extravagant draping isn’t really what you’re looking for to decorate your living room with, then consider going for ultra simple. A great example would be choosing a classic white, with gold or beige accents and trimmings for wooden or tiled floors. Stick to block colored materials overprints to get that rich, elegant look.

Seat Your Guests In Style

Next, move on to the seating. Choose luxury chairs set or sofa set, one that’s plush and almost throne-like. Winged, high-back chairs are now making a comeback, that too in a modern twist. These kinds of chairs are not only great in living rooms (paired up with a coffee table and set opposite a fireplace); they also look very grand when used in home offices. This is especially a great option for you to consider if you want to continue the luxurious theme throughout your home.

Make A Statement With Your Light Fixtures

Something most people don’t seem to realize is that light fixtures are a great way to emphasize any theme, in any part of your room. From the bulb itself, to the holders and to even the light switches, you can easily find it all to suit your themes. As this is the living room, an elegant chandelier will work brilliantly here. This is, of course, if you’re looking to decorate your living space in the text book’s definition of luxurious. If you’re looking to fit a more modern luxury sort of theme, then you should also consider ceiling lights; especially the strip variety.

Use Simple Yet Elegant Decor

Do you know what is one of the simplest, most widely available and yet very elegant decorations that most decorators opt for? Well presented, fresh, cut flowers. Select a flower variety that looks full and vibrant without much effort like ivory white or baby pink Peonies. Find a pretty vase for it or even pretty bowls. Arrange it stylishly and you’re done! You can also choose to add candles to this arrangement if you want.

Make It A Clutter-Free Zone

Clutter is quite easily the opposite of elegance and luxury. It emphasizes a lack of space, and often makes your space appear without refinement. Do your best to avoid over furnishing, or over decorating your living space. It also goes without saying that, when it comes to choosing upholstery too, you need to have a care not to choose designs that are too busy; as this too will make your living room appear cluttered.

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