Tips for Buying a Home Security System

A burglary is a nightmare scenario no matter how you look at it. You could get your valuables stolen, your property damaged and in some unfortunates cases, your family could be harmed as well. If you’re thinking to yourself ‘this sort of thing could never happen to me. I live in a safe neighbourhood’ then you’re sorely mistaken. Australia is ranked 5th in highest burglary incidents globally. Furthermore, 20% of all homes in Australia have been burgled at one time or the other. With statistics like this, it’s really hard to keep thinking that we’re not in risk of having our homes broken-in to.

So what can you do? Nowadays, it’s a necessity to invest in a good security system. This can not only ward off burglars but will help the authorities catch them and bring them to justice. Picking a security system can be quite a difficult process. There are so many options to choose from and technical specs to go over. However, the excellent tips we’ve compiled should make it a bit easier for you:

Shop Around

Don’t always go for the first quote you receive, especially when it comes to installation and monitoring. While you do want a quality service, make sure you’re not over-paying for it. Therefore, the best thing to do is to request quotes from at least five vendors and compare their pricing. This should allow you to decide what a fair price should be.

Pay Attention to Customer Reviews

The best judge of security systems are past customers. If you’ve got your eye on a few brands and vendors, you should check for the following things about them:

  • Ease of use – is it too complicated to navigate the monitoring system? Do you have to have a technician come over every time you want to make an adjustment?
  • Quality – Is the video quality up to par? Are the components well-built or should you expect to consistently pay for maintenance.
  • Service – Can you expect 24/7 customer service? Are the staff competent?

After you read the reviews, shortlist the best suppliers of home security systems Melbourne has to offer and talk to them about specific brands that they offer.

Make Immediate Response a Priority

If you want the best in home security, then immediate response should be the number one priority. Whenever danger approaches, your system should be able to instantly alert the authorities. In addition, you should be promptly noted while you’re aware.

If you live in a bad neighbourhood, then having access to a security team 24/7 is an absolute must.

Consider Your Budget

If you don’t have that much money to spend on home security then we recommend spending only on the necessities. For instance things like a video doorbell aren’t as important as an alarm system or signing up for a 24/7 monitoring service. Hence, consider your budget and spend your money on the necessities before you lavish on extras.

Australia still has a burglary problem and so it’s best to be prepared with an excellent security system for your home. The tips described above should help you with the selection process.

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