Things To Consider When Designing Your Own Home

Finally deciding to build your own house is taking a huge step forward in life. It is your baby and you can be as creative as you like. Look at as many architects and interior design magazines as you want and take ideas. It is easy to get carried away though, so stick to a certain style so that you don’t drift away and get frustrated with too many design ideas in your head. Here are some factors to consider when designing your own house.

Make Sure The Land Is Right For You

The condition of the soil will have a major impact on construction. It is vital that a strong foundation is built and for that, the soil needs to be in a condition able to hold the slab and footing. It will be an added cost to set the land right so if you still have not bought a land, make sure you avoid slopes and rocky ground. Check around the area, if it is highly residential and houses have been built, then most probably the soil is fine. If not, you will have to set it right.

Think About Open Plan Houses

Modern homes often have a lot of open spaces that bring ample light into the house and make the house look bigger and full of life. However they can bring in privacy problems so the design totally depends on you. If you don’t like open homes, you can limit it to the living room and patio while keeping the rooms private. The mix between large open spaces and cozy intimate spaces make a great combination. Also, the placement and design of the walls and floors will have an effect on noise reverberation so get your designer’s view on it.

Get Advice On Construction Techniques

Of course it is your home and you have all the freedom to design it, however don’t be too clever. Designing a house is not child’s play and hence you need expert advice on it. You can add whatever elements you like however getting advice on the overall design will make things easier and cut costs. Experts have access to builder estimate software that will scan the entire design and estimate the amounts of material and labour needed to finish the job. They will also tell you what can and can’t be done as per the land. Also, stick to standard construction rules as much as possible such as the standard ceiling height or window size etc.

Design It For Your Family

If you do not have kids yet and are planning on it, design your house to accommodate them. Also if you have family and friends visiting often, design a separate guest room. If you have a pet dog, they would like more space to run around in the backyard so ensure you design the house in a way that leaves a lot of room in the garden. If your family enjoys movies, music and dance, design a sound room that will feature a home theatre system.



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