Pallet Rack Repairing Services for Your Business

Pallet Rack damage is a common occurrence in most large-scale warehouses and is something you would have to face in the storage industry. One of the more common types of damages caused is by forklifts and different types of reach-trucks. This would leave the foundation of your racking system battered and damaged and can lead to structural instability in the long run. Some businesses ignore the need to pay any attention to damages as this would disrupt the product and cost the company valuable business a prolonged negligence of the same can have disastrous effects. Paying attention to even minor damages can save you on a significant amount of money in the long run. In terms of safety operationally any loads should be immediately cleared on any damaged racks, even minor damages should be evaluated by a skilled rack engineer.

Staff Should Be Trained

All warehouse staff must be advised to report even minor damages to their immediate supervisor. There should be a set procedure in place as to how a pallet should be reported as damaged. Negligence can be costly and all staff must be trained to not ignore any types of damage regardless of how minor they may be.

Various Types of Repair Solutions

If you seek the assistance of trained professionals and technicians they would be able to repair low-level damages quite easily with the use of bolt-on pallet rack repair. Rack repair safety is no joke either and should only be left to the professionals. Cutting off damaged parts of the pallet rack is a specialized task and would require a team proficient in installation. Accurate measurements of the rack must be taken so when new parts are fitted to replace any damages they provide a long-lasting durable solution. Knowledge of pallet racking safety is needed to evaluate pallet placements as well as these can be sometimes be placed in dangerous places inside warehouses. It is always better to get a professional opinion on such matters. Experts such as Betterstorage Brisbane for example often give free inspections and other complimentary Value-added services.

Different Repair Kits

There are different types of kits available depending on the category of the damages you face. The “Straight leg repair kit” for example can allow you to still continue to use the bottom beams in racks which have been repaired. You could consult a skilled technician and they would recommend the right repair kit for your pallet rack damage. There are also repair kits which as pretty much bolted to the existing frame give it the solidarity it needs to keep accommodating heavy-duty materials for storage. This type of repair kit is considered safe and reliable but the drawback is that it needs more equipment and manpower because it is seen as a more comprehensive repair solution. Pallet rack repairing can be a headache to most storage businesses but it can be much less of a hassle if the right tools and professional are used to get the job done.

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