Light Fixtures that Could Instantly Brighten Up Any Room

Stuck in a room you find too dim for reading or for anything else for that matter? When decorating your home, don’t think for one second that ceiling lights are enough. Sure they could light up the whole room but it is ideal to have at least three sources of light. Natural light not counted since it is unavailable at night.

There are other light fixtures that could be added into a room that could serve in terms of functionality and design.


Lampshades are perhaps the easiest not to mention the most economical way to brighten up a room. They just don’t literally brighten up a room; they are also decorative accents and at times a focal point of a room. They might be compact in size (in example, desk lamps or countertop lamps) but they actually provide a big difference in a room once lit. Floor lamps on the other hand are advisable if you don’t have much tabletop space since they don’t take much floor space. Tall floor lamps could also be placed on corners to avoid having the space looking bare. Corners are ideal spots as well to distribute light in the room and brighten up dark nooks and crannies.

Hanging Lights

Hanging lights, from the name itself, are light fixtures that are suspended from the ceiling. Usually they are dangling by a rod, chain or cord and are frequently used over kitchen islands or dining table. Various hanging or pendant lights as they are also called are available in the market. Metal, glass, plastic and wood pendant light are among the best sellers. Most of these hanging lights are built to accommodate low voltage energy saving bulbs. Game rooms and entertainment rooms are also where this type of lighting fixture is frequently used especially over a billiard table.


If you have other plans with your floor space and tabletops and you have some bare walls you could use, go for some mounted sconces. Sconces are double purpose. Not only are they a source of light, they are also eye catching pieces and are great conversation starters among your guests.

Fairy Lights

Exclusively used during Christmas season before, fairy lights are now all year round thanks to its whimsically decorative nature. Not predominantly used as a source of light since it’s not very bright, fairy lights are often considered accent lightings. Used indoors and outdoors and during special occasions, fairy lights often bring smile to anyone who sees them. Due to its popularity, variations to these fairy lights were developed. Some are multi coloured, others depending on the theme and purpose. There are blue fairy lights, pink, green, etc. Others stray from the traditional bulbs and made these bulbs inside glass orbs, stars, flowers and other shapes imaginable (some bulbs are even decorated in the shape of vegetables!) proving there is no shortage of uses when it comes to fairy lights.

When choosing lighting, we often forgot how they serve in the aesthetics of the whole room. Our concern only lies on how efficient they are as sources of light. Lighting should be treated like furniture; it needs to go well with other pieces. Light fixtures now come in every sizes and shapes, easier to seamlessly blend with the different material components of your home.

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