How to Take Care of Your Garage Door

Just like any mechanical piece of equipment your garage door has many moving parts and typically should be the biggest moving part in your house. It is also used frequently throughout the day regardless of the time or season.

If you want to increase the lifetime of your garage door without having to repair or replace it every few years, then you should do some regular maintenance on it.

Here are somethings to look into so that your door operates smoothly.

1. Observe

The main thing to do first is to look carefully at how the door operates when it does. When you open it every time when you are in a rush to leave or after a long day at work you tend to miss out small clues which lead to bigger issues if they aren’t nipped at the bud.

So, when you get a chance observe the closing and opening operations and look for jerky movement or weird scraping sounds.

2. Tighten the Moving Parts

On average a garage door can open and close around 1000 times each year. Any mechanical device with moving parts will require tightening because hardware will loosen up due to the vibration and movement. Using a socket wrench, tighten up the bolts and the drum brackets on automatic roller doors.

3. Check Balance

If your door isn’t balanced this will cause extra tension on the opener and it will have to put extra effort to open the door.

To check the balance usually detach the opener (different systems have different mechanisms for this), using you hand push the door up halfway through. If the door closes and doesn’t stay put this means the springs aren’t balanced

4. Check your Rollers

The rollers can experience quite a bit of wear and tear too. The thread can wear off and so it should be checked at least twice a year and replaced at least every 5 years.

5. The Weatherstripping

Weather stripping is the sealing openings on doors and other things like windows. Since a garage door is also exposed to the outside these to will weatherstripping.

So, after a while the rubber seals can crack. You can easily get weather stripping from your closest hardware and do this on your own.

6. Lubrication

This step is not only valid for garage doors but for anything with moving parts. This small step can prolong your garage door for years.

Ideally use white lithium grease on the screws and the chain of the openers. A spray lubricant usually works well with the springs.

7. The Door Itself

Apart from all the moving parts you also need to pay attention to the door itself especially if it’s made out of wood.

Check for peeling paint and water damage if you haven’t weather coated your wooden doors. Steel doors usually have rust issues and might need a sanding and paint job once in a while.

These are just a few tips that will increase the life tie of your gate and all ensure smooth and efficient operations. Most of these can be done on your own while some require professional assistance.

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