How to Relocate Your Office

Relocating an office is certainly quite a cumbersome and time consuming task! It is not a decision that can be carried out in haste for sure. You need to do careful research about prospective buildings, ensure all employees are on board with the idea and take months to prepare for the eventual move. The tips that are detailed in the article below will certainly help you make the process of office relocation faster and easier.

Look For Good Locations

First and foremost, you need to look for prospective locations that will tick all the boxes. You should never move the office in a hurry because that will be rather unwise! So get in touch with a reputed real estate agent and look for prospective properties that are located in areas that you like. You have to pick a site that is located strategically as that will help you carry out your business processes more efficiently and effectively. Do also take in to consideration the value of the property because it will be big burden on your company’s budget. See if the new building can be expanded in the future if you have plans of growth.  You have to also get the help of professionals to assess if the new building is constructed well. Look for professionals who provide building and pest report Orange has if you are moving to an office in that area and ensure that the new place is free of termites and other types of pests that can hamper your day to day activities.

Keep Your Employees Notified

Your employees need to know about your plans and the information should never come upon them as a major shock. You have to get them to embrace the change well. Change management is an incredible difficult but an essential part that will help your organization’s operations run smoothly. So do ensure your employees are notified of the plans right at the start. Get them involved in the process if you can too so that they will begin to own the project which will make it easier for them to embrace the change.

Inform Your Stakeholders

Your stakeholders like your customers, suppliers and shareholders who visit your office need to be notified of the change well in advance so that they will not be confused when the shift does take place. Make sure you inform them in person as well as in writing so that there will be no cause for confusion.

Prepare For the Relocation

You need to prepare for the relocation months in advance in order to carry out the task with least disruption to your day to day work. You will have to get new business cards and letterheads printed with the new address as soon as you can. You will also have to start packing the items that you desire to take away with you. Encourage all your employees to sort through their items and decide which ones they will throw away. Make this an opportunity to de clutter your office as well. There really is no need to carry all the items that you currently own to the new place because that will make the new place cluttered too!

Settle Down In the New Office

It will take several weeks for your employees to get used to the new surrounding and atmosphere. You can make sure they enjoy the process of working in the new office by furnishing it stylishly. You can encourage employees to personalize their own work spaces so that they feel more at home in the new place!

Hope you enjoy an easy and hassle free relocation!

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