How to Plan Out Your Dream Vacation

Everyone’s idea of a dream vacation can vary from person to person. For most people, their dream vacation could be their honeymoon whereas for others it could be their bachelorette. Whatever it is, here are few things you should do on your dream vacation.

Go the Extra Mile

You can go the extra mile and spend more on this vacation as things like this happen just once in a lifetime. For example, if it is your honeymoon then you could spend on things like a business class ticket and book a room in a luxury hotel as this is your first vacation with your partner. However, before doing this make sure you know your budget beforehand and book things according to it. If your budget isn’t very high then don’t opt for a first class ticket instead book a business class as it is cheaper. If this is your bachelorette then there is no point spending more money on plane tickets, instead, you could use it for going on different adventures with your friends. So make sure you plan things based on the occasion or reason for your dream vacation.

Book Everything In Advance

Since this is your dream holiday, you would want everything to go perfectly and not have any last moment disappointments. So it is advisable to book everything in advance itself. If you are unsure about the destination, then you could visit sites such as and come to a decision based on the packages they offer and the reviews. If you want to surprise your partner by decorating your room then you could inform this to your hotel and in case you want a photo-shoot by the exotic beaches then too you could tell this to the hotel who will keep a photographer ready. In the case of bachelorette make sure you book the tickets of parties or concerts you intend on going for.

Activities That Will Keep You Occupied

Whether it is your honeymoon or bachelorette nobody wants to spend their vacation just in the room as it can get very boring. So if you plan on visiting a country like Sri Lanka or Australia then here are few things you could do: If you like adventure then you could go for whitewater rafting, this is amazing and you could do this both on your honeymoon or the bachelorette. You could also go for village tours in an old school bullock cart rides which foreigners love! If you have a soft spot for animals then Pinnawela elephant orphanage is a must visit which you cannot miss.

However, before going on such a holiday you need to save a lot of money so you can do all the things you intend on doing at your dream vacation. If you have a list of things you want to do such as skydiving, bungee jumping then you need to choose a country which offers all of them. For example, both Dubai and Australia offer the activities mentioned above, but Dubai is more expensive so it makes sense for you to go to a cheaper country offering the same activities.


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