How to Maintain and Care for Glass At Home

It can’t be denied that using glass on windows and other parts of your home makes it amazingly beautiful. There are a variety of ways to used glass in your home aside from windows. You can use it on conservatories, reinforcement structures, dividers and many more to give a modern feel to your home. Aside from improving your home’s aesthetics, glass is also easy to clean and maintain.

Here are some easy to remember tips to extend the life, protect and maintain your glass at home.

Regular Cleaning

Crystal clear glass is greatly pleasing to the eye. While glass might look smooth and polished, it actually has some voids on its surface which accumulates dirt and grime through time. These accumulated dirt turns into a solid film that basically decreases the visibility of your glass. To keep the glass parts of your home looking perfect, regular cleaning is a must. It is recommended to clean glass especially windows at least twice a year or when needed. Simply use a soft cloth with mild glass cleaning solution to effectively maintain it.

Protect it During Construction

Every time you conduct any construction at home, make sure to keep all the glass fixtures protected. Cover all glass surfaces with a protective sheet so it doesn’t get stained by paint. Dust from construction, rust and chemicals used in the site also affect glass. Aside from protecting it from damaging factors during the construction, you can also save a lot of time when you don’t have to remove paint and other stains from glass after construction. If it was accidentally cracked or damaged during the construction, simply contact your glazier for glass replacement and repairs as soon as possible.

Clean Carefully

Glass is very easy to clean but you have to use the right materials when doing so. Never use abrasive materials when cleaning glass because it would leave scratches on the surface. Make sure to use a clean, soft cloth to clean and wipe the glass surface. Use only mild cleaners that are proven and approved to be safe for use on glass material. Never use corrosive or acidic cleaners because they can damage the glass surface.

Mind the Temperature

Glass is very sensitive to temperature change ad a sudden shift can damage it. When washing glass, avoid cleaning it under the sun or when it is still hot. Make sure it is cooled down before you start washing it with cool water. Contrasting temperatures are not good for glass. For example, splashing cold water on hot glass can cause it to crack and break. Same thing goes with hot water on cold glass.

Apply a Sealant

A glass sealant provides a protective barrier on the surface of glass, keeping dirt and stains from penetrating down the porous parts of its surface. It prolongs the life of glass and is highly recommended to be used on those which come in contact frequently with tap water.

With proper care and maintenance, you can surely prolong the life and beauty of glass structures in your home.



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