How To Incorporate A Modern Farmhouse Design In Your Home

The modern farmhouse design provides a warm, cozy, and homey feeling to anyone who looks at it. It emits a comforting and relaxing aura that comes from its simple arrangement of furniture and fixture. Although some claim that it easily gets outdated, a modernized farmhouse could easily fit in in today’s styles and trends when it comes to interior design. The trick to pulling it off is to balance comfort with modernity. You can do so by following the tips below.


Take note that the modern farmhouse design centers on functionality and usage. Because of this, you will have to prioritize things that are more functional than aesthetical. In this context, decorative elements should be set aside. This rule applies to all the house elements that you want to add – lighting, furniture design, and positioning. For example, decorative boxes should serve a higher purpose rather than being a decorative item. If you want to incorporate it in your modern farmhouse design, it should function as additional storage.


In any design, color is important. Since you are leaning more on a farmhouse, it would only be appropriate to pick the greenish and yellowish shade but keep in mind that we are doing this on a different take – modern. Hence, you should choose a neutral palette to achieve a fresh and clean look. To guide you on the mixture of colors, remember the 60-30-10 general rule. You can choose three colors wherein the dominant one is 60, followed by 30, and then 10. In the case of a modern farmhouse, the dominant color, 60, is white. The other two, 30 and 10, are earthy colors such as brown and gray depending on your preference.  One tip in choosing the 10 – remember that it should be the boldest among the three (3) since it functions as an accent color. For example, white walls and light-colored bamboo floorboards in Geelong matched with wooden doors and tables is a good combination to work on.


The traditional farmhouse design talks mostly about wood that has a rough finish. However, the modern take suggests that the wood should have a clean and simple finish. This will create a more organized and cleaner look that matches the white dominant color. For the other furniture, you can choose those that are made from natural materials. In choosing the quality of the furniture, keep in mind that your foremost priority is functionality and comfort; hence, you should incorporate these matters before making a final decision.


To complete the modernized look of your farmhouse-designed house, include an industrial aspect in it. The industrial design centers on a good mix of wood and metal. For your farmhouse, you can go for wooden metal bar stools, to be matched with a wooden dining table and metal dining chairs. Through this, your house will leave a more current impression.

Among the designs, the modern farmhouse stands as the most practical go-to design due to its concepts of simplicity, functionality, and comfortability. Follow these tips and your guests will surely be in awe.

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