How to Create a Luxury Bedroom

Remember that hotel room you stayed at during your last vacation? The bed was heavenly, the room was pure luxury and oh so inviting. Unfortunately, we can’t always afford a spontaneous vacation at a five star hotel, so why not bring that treatment to your very own home.  Here are some ways you can create a luxury bedroom that will probably have you sleeping in on most days!


Let’s start with the very basics- the bed! Nothing screams five-star living more than a four-poster bed, especially those with a canopy. If you find the traditional solid, carved four-poster to be a bit too much on the hefty side, you can always go for the contemporary slim one instead. Take things up a notch and drape the bed posts with soft, sheer fabrics that will definitely add a romantic air to the whole room.

Bed Linen

The crisp, white bed linen is the most important trick when recreating that luxury aesthetic. Don’t stinge on your sheets, go for the fluffiest you can possible find. Usually bed linen with a 300 thread count would do perfectly. And if you want to maintain this feel and look for as long as possible, then you’re going to have to put in a little more effort and launder your sheets regularly. To complement those crispy, white sheets make sure to add in some textured or coloured throw pillows to complete the look.


Lighting is incredibly important when it comes to the bedroom. You need to go for soft lighting that creates a dreamy ambience, perfect for relaxing or sleeping. Apart from the fixtures on the walls, you can have lamps on either side of the bed, or lights decorated around the makeup vanity dressing table. Remember, it’s all about soft lighting- avoid harsher bulbs at all costs.

Outdoor Views

What’s the best thing about a hotel room, apart from the bed? It surely has to be the view. Take a cue from this and open up your bedroom to the outdoors. Ideally, your bedroom can either open up to a small, cosy veranda or you can install wide, glass windows. If you’re past the point of making structural changes to your room, you can swap your heavy, dense curtain out for lighter material instead that you can bunch up during the day so you can keep the windows open.

The Bedside Table

You’ve got to make your bedside table look pleasing to the eye- and this means zero clutter. All the lotions, creams and unnecessary papers need to make their way inside the drawers. Now, you can use this space to place a small, antique lampshade and also a tiny pot of fresh flowers. Complete the look by placing a book you’re reading on top. These small details will definitely add to the elegant feel you’re going for.

These are the main elements to creating a luxury bedroom. If you get all this down to pat, then it’s all down to regularly maintenance and keeping the place spotless!

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