How to Choose Door Handle for Your Home?

Whether you are decorating a new home or repairing your old home, furniture and hardware is something you have to choose after a lot of thought. Just like the rest of your house, your door hardware too should be chosen carefully as they help to determine the finishing look of your house. Take a look at the following tips to see how to choose the right door handle for your house.

What Kind of a Door You Have?

Before choosing a handle, think where you will be using it. Is it for inside the house or to be used on an exterior door? If you are only using them inside, you can choose metal plated handles. These are inexpensive as they are only plated but they give off a very classy look, helping you to maintain the interior beauty of your house while saving a little amount of money at the same time. These types are especially better for doors that do not get used often. But if it is a door that will be used very often, then the better option is to metal finished handle instead of plated ones. You might have to spend a few extra bucks on this than plated ones but they certainly come with a lot of benefits such as being resistant to whether and wear.

Think of Who Will Be Using Them

Are there small children at your house? This should be one of the main concerns when buying the necessary hardware. This is because buying knobs that are difficult to function will be a lot troublesome if the kids do not understand how to use them. Buying something that is easy to use will ensure the safety of your kids as well and you do not have to worry about them getting locked inside or outside a room. This goes the same for certain people with medical conditions such as arthritis as well. Therefore, whether you’re buying a traditional- looking handle or modern entrance handles, keep in mind to choose items that will be easier to be used by everyone at the house.

With Locks or Without Locks?

This is something that depends on the level of security you need at your house. For the exterior, you will need handles that comes with a lock. This will not be a hard thing to find as most of them comes with a lock. You will have to choose something that can be locked from both inside as well as outside. But if this is for an interior door, you might not be needing a lock. Therefore, getting a handle with lock sometimes can be a waste of money. Ones that does not come with a key and a lock will be comparatively cheaper than those with them.

While choosing door hardware might look like an easy task, it is important to remember that you need to pay attention to small details such as the operation of the door, the locks and security as the look and how it matches the rest of your interior and exterior decoration. So make sure to pay attention to these details when you buying to avoid spending unnecessarily or going back to the store to exchange them. 

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