Essential Things to Know About Dilapidation Surveys

A dilapidation report contains the detailed record about the current state of a building or house near the proposed construction site. The report contains both written and photographs of that building on all angles and specifies any damage present. It is important to obtain a dilapidation survey, especially when your operation consists of heavy equipments, excavations, or intense construction processes.

Goal of a Dilapidation Report

The main purpose of this report is to have a record of the conditions of nearby buildings before beginning a construction. This record protects the contractor from false damage claims while it can also serve as proof for residents to get rectification on their damaged properties. In a way, it helps prevent expensive lawsuits by resolving disputes directly on the spot. If you want to have peace of mind while constructing your new home or building, consider getting a dilapidation survey.

What Do Dilapidation Inspectors Check?

When creating a dilapidation report, a thorough inspection of the nearby buildings is required. Dilapidation inspectors check not only the external features of a building but also the internal parts. Areas of interest include walls, roofs, gutters, windows, doors, fixtures, garage and everything structure you have in your property. It may sound overwhelming but expert inspectors can handle this task with full efficiency. Solid Start Property Inspections are the best in providing inspection services. They conduct a complete survey of adjacent buildings and create the most comprehensive dilapidation reports Melbourne.

What Are The Evidences They Could Have?

Detailed dilapidation reports contain both written and photographed proofs of the current condition of a building. You and your neighbours must agree that everything in the report is accurate before a construction can begin.

How to Choose an Inspector?

There are lots of property inspectors that offer their services even if they don’t have the corresponding license to conduct this work. Make sure that you only choose licensed experts in this area to be guaranteed of a complete and quality dilapidation report. Also, choose those who have insurance in their service so you can catch up to them when disputes arise after construction.

How Fast Should They Do Their Work?

A full dilapidation inspection must only be done for a shorter time so your construction won’t be delayed. It is best to choose experienced professionals that can do fast and accurate work. They should also be able to provide a detailed report as soon as possible so that you can move on with the construction immediately.

What Does A Complete Report Contain?

These are the most essential parts of a dilapidation report.

  • Date of Inspection
  • A full description of the location – This must be written in full detail to understand the factors that could have possibly led to the current condition of the building.
  • Determine the inspected parts – This is done to easily locate the features during a re-inspection.
  • Floor plan of the inspected building
  • Evidence photos
  • Pre-existing defects – Noting this is crucial to solving disputes between involved parties.
  • Signature of the inspector – This makes the record legitimate and proves that a certified inspector conducted the survey.

Have a free quote with one of our professional staff to be assured of a hassle-free construction. Hiring a property inspection service is one of the great ways to precede your operations with peace of mind.

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