Creating A Fun and Cool Room for Your Teen

Adolescence can be a difficult age. It’s an age where most people are lost between their childhood and adulthood, trying to keep up with the demands that their lives bring and the rules that are not so adjusted to their likings. Hence, a bedroom is where a teen escapes into a world of their own. A place where their freedom of expression, identity and insecurities come together to find some solace.


Teenagers spend most of their time in their rooms. Therefore, it is important that it contains all functions needed for a teen to live in it. Irrelevant of the size of the room, they need to have a space to study, sit, and hangout with friends and sleep.


Keeping in mind, the above anomalies of your child, it’s quite challenging to create a bedroom for your teen given that it needs to reflect the sophistication of an adult and the simplicity of a child in one space. Here are a few ideas to put together for a fun and cool teen bedroom.

A Bedroom That Serves ‘Their’ Purpose

As mentioned, teens need more than just a sleeping space. The most important thing is that their socially related requirements are met. Which is having a space to hang out with friends and do their work. So basically, we’re looking at three important areas to be combined into one space.


If space is an issue, or if you have more than one teen living in the house, use a creative approach to create their ideal room. Here are a few tips. For a study spaceconsider a vertically oriented study area which allows you to have a small writing space with storage of books and other essential below and above the table / desk. Add in a magnetic dry erase board or a cork board to stick in anything of their need that’ll clear the desk of clutter.


For a sleep spacecreate a daybed that is placed lengthwise against the wall. You can add in a fabric curtain or netting to create a combined lounge and a sleeping space. For the hang-out corner, place a rug and add in a couple of throw pillows in a corner. Take out bed frames or anything that takes too much space and add in a headboard decal on the wall. Place a bench against the footboard of the bed.

A Bedroom That Gives Them ‘Personality’

  • Unlike adults, teens are not going to settle in for calmer and a more laidback look. Rather they opt to become creative and expressive in the things they present around their room. Here are a few things that you might want to consider placing in their rooms to create a unique but fun and cool look. You could include Hanging egg chairs, swings or a hanging bed, a round bed, wall mounted fish tank, and chalkboard walls.

Bold and Energetic Walls

Walls are the largest space you can work within bringing out everything else look picture perfect. Apart from sticking their idols and groups photos on their walls, teens are usually appreciative of vibrantly and boldly coloured, energetic rooms.Try out these chic ideas for an enhanced modern look. Favourite words in neon or light marquis signs, brightly coloured walls (regular or customized paint), removal wall decals, and graffiti wall treatment, removable wall decals or printed wallpaper, and graffiti-inspired wall art.


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