Advantages of Installing Shutters or Blinds Instead of Curtains

You just bought your new home and everything is perfect except for one thing: your neighbour is very interested in your daily life that no matter how many times you caught them looking, they still would not stop. You look at your windows and grab your tape measure to get the size but then you stop short: should you install shutters or blinds or curtains?


There are several advantages of installing shutters or blinds instead of curtains. If you are undecided, read on the below list to help you decide on what window treatment to keep the peeping tom out of your daily business.

Shutters and Blinds Give You More Flexibility

Shutters and blinds are flexible since during summer the slats could be adjusted to control the amount of sunlight coming in the room. During winter, these shutters could also be used to keep warmness inside and preventing a cold draft from entering. Shutters and blinds are also versatile and could be opened and closed even by little children. The size of your windows does not matter also since shutters and blinds are adjustable and could also be customized.

Shutter and Blinds Are Durable

Curtains and drapes are breakable. They could easily be ripped and torn. Dark coloured curtains and drapes also fade in time especially if always exposed to sunlight which is how it serves its purpose. Shutters and blinds last longer to save you money and hassles in changing them after a period of time. As a result, Co Create, one of the respected companies in Adelaide provides different kinds of shutters and blinds that are built to last as long as your home.

Shutters and Blinds Prevent Allergy Triggers

Since curtains and drapes accumulate dust which trigger allergies. At least shutters and blinds are easier to clean and are not a trap for dust bunnies and pollens that could flutter inside by the wind when the windows are open.

Shutters And Blinds Are Part of the House’s Decor

Shutters and blinds do not go out of style unlike with curtains where colours and designs become outdated as time goes by. The clean and snappy appearance of the shutters and blinds will keep up with the latest trends. It is recommended in every household instead of curtains since shutters are known to increase the real estate value of the home should you decide to sell the home in the future.

Shutters and Blinds Are Cost Effective

Since shutters and blinds are durable, versatile and will never go out of style they ate cost effective in the long run. Sure they are more expensive than curtains and drapes but since they do not need replacement from time to time they are more economical. They are also proven to help in lowering the electricity bills. During summer, shutters and blinds could be opened to let the light in and improve the air flow. While during winter, the shutters and blinds prevent the cold from coming in from the windows and they keep the warmth inside without having the need to open the heaters 24/7.


Shutters and blinds are actually an excellent choice since they are visually pleasing, easy to use and versatile.

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