6 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Exterior

It’s natural to want your house to look the best on the block but what if the cosmetic decisions you’re making aren’t exactly the most financially sound ones? You’ll want to be making the best improvements that will ensure that your home is ready to withstand the elements and that all begins with taking care of your house’s exterior. Here’s all you need to know on the subject:


Having your entire exterior made from rendered domestic foam cladding Melbourne ensures that, not only do the cladding panels give off a sense of cosmetic appeal but more importantly, they protect your home from unpredictable weather that could inevitably wear down on your exterior. Some specific issues you’ll be guarding against are pesky cracks, penetrating damp and poor insulation.

Pressure Washing

If you have brick walls, the occasional weeding won’t get you very far. The best way to go about giving them some extra TLC is making use of a pressure wash. A pressure wash will get rid of that extra dirt, moss and discoloration creeping along the walls. If you notice any spots that you think will be a little more persistent, give them a scrub before you make use of the pressure wash. You’ll have to reseal the bricks and mortar once done, however.

New Driveway

Most homeowners tend to focus on the more stereotypical areas of a house that wear away over time like perhaps cracked wall paint or more prominent rooms inside the house like the kitchen or bathroom but one of the most important areas overlooked is the driveway! This suffers from daily wear and tear from vehicles and footprints and you’ll be astounded at the difference laying a new driveway would make.


Needless to say your front garden is going to offer the most curb appeal so you’ll have to regularly invest in landscaping. Also make it a point to have a path paved in your garden. Having perfectly manicured flowerbeds and raised hedges is a great way add more visual interest to your home’s exterior.


Do you want to give your home a more modern feel? Investing in better lighting that accentuates your garden is a great way to go about it. Add lights along the path that you’ve paved to give it a cosy, romantic feel that also helps visitors navigate their way in the dark. To cap things off add some fixtures around the door and patio.


Minor details like cracked shingles, a discoloured roof or cluttered gutters can give away to major roofing issues like leaks. This usually ends up with very prominent cases of mould spreading across your walls. Make it a point to regularly maintain your roof and give your gutters a good clearing. If your gutters are truly beyond cleaning, you might have to either apply a new coating to the interior or consider replacing them entirely.

These are the most important areas you need to consider when improving your home’s exterior. Not only does it make it a lot more visually appealing, you’ll be ensuring that your exterior is sound and fully capable of handling the great outdoors.



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