Why You Should Replace Your Windows With Timber

It might be ironic to think that using timber is actually helping the environment. There are a lot of reasons why you should consider timber as a material for your windows. Timber is sustainable, does not contribute to climate change, helps in lowering stress level and is a light construction material.

If your window is still made out of different materials and you are thinking of having them replaced, now is the time to consider timber because of the abovementioned numerous advantages.

Timber Is Sustainable

What makes timber environmentally friendly? Timber is sustainable because trees used for manufacturing timber products are replaced immediately. There is no worry regarding deforestation. The more trees are cut for this purpose, the more trees are planted to make up for it. And since there is a constant demand for timber, newly planted trees in forests grew in numbers. Timber is also recyclable. Debris of cut wood is recycled and used for other purposes and since it is biodegradable, it does not add up to waste and pollution.

Timber Production Does Not Contribute To Global Warming

Compared to other materials, timber production emits less carbon emissions that contribute to global warming. Manufacturing them into timber windows brisbane also requires lower energy consumption compared to manufacturing plastics, aluminum and steel which creates gas emissions. And since timber is sustainable, logging it generates more trees that help absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Timber also stores carbon so as long as timber is used, it helps in storing carbon that otherwise adds to the greenhouse effect.

Timber Helps In Lowering The Stress Level

If the above mentioned does not yet convince you to change to timber, timber is proven to help in lowering stress level. Homeowners, students and office workers all prefer to use furniture and fixtures made out of timber because it helps calm them and lower their blood pressure. Being around furniture made out of wood gives the feeling of being in nature.

Timber Is A Light Construction Material

Timber is considered to be a light construction material because it is easy to install and can be created into various furnishings using only simple equipment. Any skilled craftsman can transform timber into a table or a chair, a bed frame, shelf, door or window. Since it is easy to work with, the speed of building something is also quicker. This is advantageous to those who own commercial properties especially if they are paying the workers and laborers per day. Quicker work and construction save time and money. It is also flexible since various species of trees that produce timber have various colors and textures to serve whatever it is that your creativity requires.

These are some of the reasons why you should consider renovating your windows by using timber. Transportation costs for hauling timber is also considerably cheaper since it is lightweight and easier to ship. In spite of it being lightweight, timber is stable and durable making it an excellent construction material. Timber is also natural, non-toxic and does not require any special handling.

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