Ways to Make Your Home Office More Productive

With the pandemic affecting the global economy and working at home became part of the new normal, you soon noticed that the nook you designated as your “workspace” or “home office” is not conducive for a productive work day. Don’t fret because it is quite easy to make this space more dynamic for those hours you would spend on it finishing your tasks.

Even if you would soon return to your office, having a designated home office could help you when you need to be productive even if it is not work related. You could still use this space to write in your journal, to reply to emails, or if you need to study for something. With a proper space such as this, you’d brain would automatically turn into “work mode” as soon as you settle in this space.

Buy Office Furniture

You might think this is an unnecessary expense but your back would soon beg to differ because you have been sitting 8 hours a day on a stool or a monobloc. Having a comfy swivelling chair that supports your back and a table that is at the exact height without you having to strain yourself while using your computer would ensure your productivity. A range of office furniture to buy in Brisbane need not deplete your savings.

You just have to be selective and flexible. Choose first to buy a table and a chair since they are the essentials. The bulk of your money should be spent on these and make sure that you are buying sturdy and quality table and chairs. As for the other office furniture, you could either look for a sock drawer you are not using anymore and convert it to be a file cabinet. Or buy them at thrift stores.

Make the Space Sacred

This might be difficult especially if you have toddlers or pets that do not understand the concept of personal space but if you manage to teach them that once in your home office, you could only be disturbed during emergencies. Make sure that they are in a safe environment with food and entertainment before you retreat into your workspace. Check the time and time again as well to let them know that even if you are in a no disturb zone, you are still around and you haven’t left them. And if they need you, you are available during the times you are checking up on them.

Decorate It as You Please

Decorating your workspace or cubicle in your office might not be allowed or restricted. Once you have your own home office, you could decorate it as you please. Hang calming artwork or motivational posters. Arrange your stationeries and other office supplies depending on their use and you’d notice you’d be more productive when you made the space yours.

Working at home might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are one of those that is assigned to work at home, make the most out of it by following these simple tips.

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