Top Tips: How to Make Your Home More Valuable and Sell Faster

Before putting your house on sale, it is important that you have a selling plan and a checklist to make sure you have done everything to ready your house for selling. Follow the ideas given here to find out how to make your house sell faster to a better price.

Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

Choosing the right realtor will help you to reduce the stress as they will help you to handle all the complicate parts that comes with selling your house. Just type online for ‘Berwick estate agents near me’ or ask for recommendations and you will be able to find a good agent to help you. Agents can help you with new marketing strategies, to increase the appeal of the house and the value of your property. In short, realtors will help you to show the best of your house to potential buyers and help you to sell it for a larger price.

Improve the Curb Appeal

A good first impression of your house can attract many potential buyers to your house. Step outside the house and take a good look at it critically. If you feel like you are not doing a good job of it, get a friend or a neighbours to do it. This way, you will see the areas in your house that needs improving such as the paint on the walls from outside, the garden and the driveway etc. If the paint is peeling off on walls or are the walls are stained, start repainting them. Keep a clean driveway and a groomed landscape.


Depersonalizing your house is an important way of making the house ready for the buyers. You might have a lot of memories attached to the place but it is time to let that go and make the house ready for its next owners. Remove any personal items such as family photographs, small souvenirs and other trinkets you have collected over time. Keep the home as simple as you can. Let the buyers who visit the house imagine themselves living in that space without their imagination being distracted by any personal item that belongs to yours.

De-Clutter and Clean

Removing personal items isn’t enough. You need to make sure the house is well cleaned as well in order to create a welcoming vibe for anyone who visits to inspect the house. Take a good look around the house, every room. Remove any unnecessary stuff that had been collecting in the corners such as old newspapers and magazines. Dust the countertops and shelves, make sure the doors and windows open and close properly. Clean and vacuum the floors. If there are any problems with the plumbing or the electricity, repair them before you put the house on sale.

Once these steps are complete, all that is left is to decide the price. Choosing a reasonable price will help out to get the house sold quickly. To determine the price, you can get the help of your agent. Find a photographer to get good pictures of your house to put up when you are advertising as this too help you to show an appealing image of the house to buyers and give off a good first impression.


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