3 Important Factors That Will Help You Pursue a Career in Corporate Architecture


Corporate architects are people who design and build structures using their specific skills set and bring them to life. These buildings are typically for mass use such as malls, restaurants and offices to name a few. When it comes to such grand scale buildings, functionality and convenience are the most crucial elements that a corporate architect must consider. If you are passionate about creating and designing large spaces for the use of the masses, then this career choice would be ideal for you. However, there are a few factors that you need to consider before you decide to pursue this choice of career. Here are a few of them listed below.


Getting the right qualification is of utmost importance when it comes to a job of this nature that requires you to have impeccable technical knowledge and skills and a vision to make such grand structures come to life. Most corporate firms also require candidates to have a Master’s degree in a specific architecture program that makes you highly qualified and skilled. Overall the education needed including a Bachelor’s degree will total at least up to 5 years. The projects and the work that you do in university and college will reflect your skills and commitment to the career that you intend to pursue in. Many organizations will hire you based on the grades you have got and the potential you will show from your years in education. Try to focus the more advanced projects on designing malls, public arenas and corporate offices for example.

Getting an Internship

An internship that is professionally administered through the Architectural Registration Board specific to your country will give you valuable experience in design, building models and preparing yourself to real life architectural projects. You will also get in-depth knowledge in Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings and writing specs. Furthermore, you will get to be a part of the communication process with clients, suppliers, contractors and many other professionals in the industry. For example, at this initial stage you will be asked to keep a lookout for outdoor furniture stores Melbourne to get the best quotation for a mall that your employer is working on. Closing deals with the best prices and negotiating will give you a good outlook on how to get things done at a very early stage. Typically these internships are three years and will be a paid internship period.

Set Goals for Yourself and Commit To It

Think about the kind of projects that you would like to take on and where you want to be in your career, ten years from now. Having a ten year plan will help you get an idea of the track you want to be in. So if you are currently working in local projects that involve small community projects, take steps on how to move in to the corporate sector so that that you can pursue your goals on specializing in commercial designs like malls and public arenas. Get involved with projects that will push you beyond your comfort zones to experience the type of work involved before making a firm decision on your area of specialization.

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